Patrick Allard, Ph.D.

Mailing Address:
UCLA Inst for Soc & Gen
BOX 957221, 3320 LSB
Los Angeles , CA 90095

Assistant Professor, Institute for Society and Genetics
Member, CTSI

Prevention of adverse health effects from environmental exposure is the major focus of the research in the Allard laboratory. Faced with the tens of thousands of untested chemicals released in the environment, we are developing technologies that can rapidly and reliably determine whether these chemicals are safe. We concentrate our efforts on aspects of health that are particularly difficult to examine with current toxicity testing methods such as reproduction, aging and heritable health effects spanning several generations.

The Allard laboratory is part of the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics. We are also affiliated with the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and the Molecular Toxicology Interdepartmental Graduate Program. This gives us a unique angle to examine environmental effects on health from both a molecular and a societal standpoint.

Dr. Patrick Allard, Assistant Professor, leads the laboratory and trained as a Reproductive Biologist, Developmental Biologist and Geneticist at McGill University and Harvard Medical School. The laboratory works closely with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the Environmental Protection Agency and receives funding from these agencies, the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing and others.

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