David Stout, Ph.D.

Work Address:
570 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095


David Stout has undergraduate degrees in Biology and Management from the University of California at Irvine. At Caltech, his research in Molecular Biology testing genetic lineage was supplemented by building radiation detection devices for gel electrophoresis. In 1989, he came to UCLA as a radiochemist in the Biomedical Cyclotron, where he built radiochemistry synthesis modules in addition to routine production of PET radiolableld probes. His PhD graduate work in Biomedical Physics at UCLA with Drs. Henry Huang and Jorge Barrio was in tracer kinetic modeling of various probes to diagnose and stage Parkinson's Disease in primates. In 2001, Dr. Stout became the manager of the Crump Preclinical Imaging center, then director in 2003, assistant professor in 2006 then associate professor in 2008. Dr. Stout designed the new preclinical technology center within the California Nanosystems Insititute, as well as other preclinical imaging centers throughout the world. He currently teaches molecular imaging techniques to investigators and oversees the operations of the imaging center.