Aleksey Matveyenko, Ph.D.
Professor, Medicine
Research Interests
Dr. Matveyenko's current research is focused on the role of circadian clocks in pancreatic beta-cell function and survival with particular reemphasis on the link between circadian rhythms and metabolic syndrome. To accomplish these research goals the laboratory uses an integrative approach ranging from cellular and molecular level studies to translational in-vivo approaches.The work in Dr. Matveyenko's laboratory is funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Disease and the Larry L. Hillblom Foundation.

Dr. Aleksey Matveyenko is a molecular physiologist who has served on the faculty at the University Of California Los Angeles Department Of Medicine since 2008. Dr. Matveyenko received his doctoral training at the University of Southern California where he studied physiological and molecular mechanisms of glycemic control in diabetes mellitus. Following completion of his Ph.D studies he undertook post-doctoral fellowship training at the Larry Hillblom Islet Research center at UCLA where his research focused on understanding the pathophysiology of Type 2 diabetes with specific emphasis on mechanisms regulating pancreatic beta-cell mass, turnover and function.


A selected list of publications:

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