S. Paul Bajaj
Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery

A selected list of publications:

Vadivel Kanagasabai, Bajaj S Paul   Structural biology of factor VIIa/tissue factor initiated coagulation Frontiers in bioscience : a journal and virtual library, 2012; 17(45): 2476-94.
Bajaj Madhu S, Ogueli Godwin I, Kumar Yogesh, Vadivel Kanagasabai, Lawson Gregory, Shanker Sreejesh, Schmidt Amy E, Bajaj S Paul   Engineering kunitz domain 1 (KD1) of human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 to selectively inhibit fibrinolysis: properties of KD1-L17R variant The Journal of biological chemistry, 2011; 286(6): 4329-40.
Schmidt Amy E, Sun Mao-fu, Ogawa Taketoshi, Bajaj S Paul, Gailani David   Functional role of residue 193 (chymotrypsin numbering) in serine proteases: influence of side chain length and beta-branching on the catalytic activity of blood coagulation factor XIa Biochemistry, 2008; 47(5): 1326-35.