Roy Wollman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Integrative Biology and Physiology
Member, Bioinformatics GPB Home Area, Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology GPB Home Area

A selected list of publications:

Haglund Ellinor, Pilko Anna, Wollman Roy, Jennings Patricia Ann, Onuchic José Nelson   Pierced Lasso Topology Controls Function in Leptin The journal of physical chemistry. B, 2017; 121(4): 706-718.
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Wollman Roy   Development. Counting the ways to decode dynamic signals Science (New York, N.Y.), 2014; 343(6177): 1326-7.
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Civelekoglu-Scholey Gul, Tao Li, Brust-Mascher Ingrid, Wollman Roy, Scholey Jonathan M   Prometaphase spindle maintenance by an antagonistic motor-dependent force balance made robust by a disassembling lamin-B envelope The Journal of cell biology, 2010; 188(1): 49-68.
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