Tamir Gonen
Professor, Biological Chemistry, Physiology
Member, Biochemistry, Biophysics & Structural Biology GPB Home Area
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Research Interests
The Gonen laboratory is a laboratory of membrane structural biochemistry. We study the structures and functions of membrane proteins involved in homeostasis. The main methods we use are cryoEM (single particle and MicroED) as well as X-ray crystallography.


1996     Science Deans Honors List for Organic Chemistry

1996     Science Deans Honors List for Inorganic Chemistry

1997     Science Deans Honors List for Inorganic Chemistry

1997     Summer Research Scholarship, University of Auckland New Zealand

1998     Senior Prize in Biological Sciences, University of Auckland New Zealand

1998     First Class Honors in Biological Sciences, University of Auckland New Zealand

1999     Doctoral Scholarship, Unibersity of Auckland, New Zealand

2009     American Diabetes Association Career Development Award

2009     Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist

2011     Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus Group Leader

2012     Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand

2017     Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute


A selected list of publications:

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Reichow Steve L, Clemens Daniel M, Freites J Alfredo, Németh-Cahalan Karin L, Heyden Matthias, Tobias Douglas J, Hall James E, Gonen Tamir   Allosteric mechanism of water-channel gating by Ca2+-calmodulin Nature structural & molecular biology, 2013; 20(9): 1085-92.
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