Neema Jamshidi, M.D., Ph.D.

Office Address:
757 Westwood Plaza
Suite 2125
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Member, Physics & Biology in Medicine GPB Home Area
Assistant Professor In-Residence, Radiology

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A selected list of publications:

Jamshidi Neema, Palsson Bernhard Ø   Formulating genome-scale kinetic models in the post-genome era Molecular systems biology, 2008; 4: 171.
Jamshidi Neema, Palsson Bernhard Ø   Systems biology of SNPs Molecular systems biology, 2006; 2: 38.
Jamshidi Neema, Margolis Daniel J, Raman Steven, Huang Jiaoti, Reiter Robert E, Kuo Michael D   Multiregional Radiogenomic Assessment of Prostate Microenvironments with Multiparametric MR Imaging and DNA Whole-Exome Sequencing of Prostate Glands with Adenocarcinoma Radiology, 2017; 284(1): 109-119.
Jamshidi Neema, Huang Danshan, Abtin Fereidoun G, Loh Christopher T, Kee Stephen T, Suh Robert D, Yamamoto Shota, Das Kingshuk, Dry Sarah, Binder Scott, Enzmann Dieter R, Kuo Michael D   Genomic Adequacy from Solid Tumor Core Needle Biopsies of ex Vivo Tissue and in Vivo Lung Masses: Prospective Study Radiology, 2017; 282(3): 903-912.
Bordbar Aarash, McCloskey Douglas, Zielinski Daniel C, Sonnenschein Nikolaus, Jamshidi Neema, Palsson Bernhard O   Personalized Whole-Cell Kinetic Models of Metabolism for Discovery in Genomics and Pharmacodynamics Cell systems, 2015; 1(4): 283-92.
Jamshidi Neema, Jonasch Eric, Zapala Matthew, Korn Ronald L, Aganovic Lejla, Zhao Hongjuan, Tumkur Sitaram Raviprakash, Tibshirani Robert J, Banerjee Sudeep, Brooks James D, Ljungberg Borje, Kuo Michael D   The Radiogenomic Risk Score: Construction of a Prognostic Quantitative, Noninvasive Image-based Molecular Assay for Renal Cell Carcinoma Radiology, 2015; 277(1): 114-23.
Jamshidi Neema, Diehn Maximilian, Bredel Markus, Kuo Michael D   Illuminating radiogenomic characteristics of glioblastoma multiforme through integration of MR imaging, messenger RNA expression, and DNA copy number variation Radiology, 2014; 270(1): 1-2.
Thomas Alex, Rahmanian Sorena, Bordbar Aarash, Palsson Bernhard Ø, Jamshidi Neema   Network reconstruction of platelet metabolism identifies metabolic signature for aspirin resistance Scientific reports, 2014; 4: 3925.
Ahn Sun-Young, Jamshidi Neema, Mo Monica L, Wu Wei, Eraly Satish A, Dnyanmote Ankur, Bush Kevin T, Gallegos Tom F, Sweet Douglas H, Palsson Bernhard Ø, Nigam Sanjay K   Linkage of organic anion transporter-1 to metabolic pathways through integrated "omics"-driven network and functional analysis The Journal of biological chemistry, 2011; 286(36): 31522-31.
Bordbar Aarash, Lewis Nathan E, Schellenberger Jan, Palsson Bernhard Ø, Jamshidi Neema   Insight into human alveolar macrophage and M. tuberculosis interactions via metabolic reconstructions Molecular systems biology, 2010; 6: 422.
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Jamshidi Neema, Wiback Sharon J, Palsson B Bernhard Ø   In silico model-driven assessment of the effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on human red blood cell metabolism Genome research, 2002; 12(11): 1687-92.